Desperate Mother’s

On the day of 25th April 2009, each one celebrates the mother’s day(Mata Tirtha Aunsi) with full of enthusiasm and full of glee, giving sweets and astonishes gifts to their mother.
 People of all ages celebrate the mother’s day as showing them respect by giving sweets and other delicacies, new clothes and gifts of all kinds as a show respect and love in return for their invaluable contributions in their lives.
Meanwhile, those who do not have their mothers perform puja and give presents in their mother’s name. Many such people visit the holy site of Mata Tirtha in the capital on this day and take holy bath in the pond there.
There is also another pond in Mata Tirtha where it is believed one can see his or her mother’s face upon the pond’s water. It is a popular belief that a visit to the site will please the mother’s departed soul
What about those mother’s who don’t have their home? What about those desperate mothers, who are thrown away from their own home? Why nobody is there to give them astonish gifts and sweets?
These kinds of queries  plays in your mind when u see such mother’s in any of  old orphanage home in Nepal –  where there is no proper care, no nutritious food given and no good shelters provided .
So, let us join our hand, to make the government‘s eye put on those laid up old orphanage homes.
























































































4 thoughts on “Desperate Mother’s

  1. hi diraj, i liked almost all the pic. but the one that touched my heart is the fifth one, where an old women is seen as if she is waiting 4 her sons or daughter(the fifth one)…keep the good works man!!

  2. These pictures reflect the status of Nepalese women specially the mothers even in this modern age…..really made me cry. grt job friend!!!

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