2 thoughts on “Last day of the king in the place.

  1. I am very sad that king left the palace. I think Nepal needs the king. We should make Ganendra as King. Nepal should be the Kingdom Hindu. Maoist accused him as the royal massicre. Though Its not real KIng Ganendra’s family is innocent. Nepal ma King pani chahincha Democracy pani chahincha then only nepal le progress garna sakcha….

    Hementa Pun
    Bharatpur, Chitwan

  2. Nepal is united by King Prothivi Narayan shah. Ahile jun maoist le agenda liya ka chan thio agenda le nepal break huncha … King is the symbol of Unity. Its the country of HINdu although here is only 3% of Muslims… HOw this county can be the free country.. Paras is the one of the worse prince we ever hav . we should make king as Ganendra then his grandson Hirdayandra shah who is currently studying in Singapure…This country like America because Nepali is the collection of Brahmin chettri, Mongolians, Madhesis, Maithali, bhojpura and Tharus. like america is the collection of african, asian, and spanish and itself English man now called original american….. … Nepal should be united only by bringing back to KIng system as Hindu Kingdom.

    Suman Chaudhari
    Jhyalbas(Belwa), Nawalparasi

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